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ÖSD German Exams A1 to B2

Welcome to our renowned language school, your partner for successful linguistic integration and personal development! Discover why the Österreichisches Sprachdiplom Deutsch (ÖSD) and related exams such as the ÖSD A1 exam and the ÖSD B2 exam are crucial for your stay and naturalization in German-speaking countries.

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ÖSD German Exams A1 A2 B1 B2

The ÖSD exams are not only proof of your German language skills, but also a central component for the issuance of residence permits. Whether for study, work or other purposes – successful completion of these exams paves the way for a smooth and successful stay in Switzerland, Germany and Austria.

The ÖSD language tests are recognized internationally and worldwide by many educational institutions as proof of German language skills:

  • Universities
  • Professional recognition
  • Residence permit
  • naturalization

External links:
Evidence in Switzerland (Admin CH)
Evidence in Germany (BAMF DE)
Evidence in Austria (BMBWF GV AT)

The ÖSD exam, like the telc and Goethe language certificates, is a standardized exam. They are used to assess German language skills and all have a similar structure. The choice of exam often depends on personal preferences.

The Österreichisches Sprachdiplom Deutsch (ÖSD) offers examinations at various levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). The ÖSD exams cover all six CEFR levels:

A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2

This enables a comprehensive assessment of German language skills at different levels of competence.

Register early for the ÖSD exams using our registration form. We are happy to advise you personally. The number of available exam slots is limited.

The registration deadline is 3 weeks before the exam date. You can find the exact registration deadline for the ÖSD exams in the lists below.

You can deregister from the ÖSD exam free of charge up to 3 weeks before the exam. Please contact us on time.

Our targeted preparation courses (German intensive course, group lessons) support you in acquiring the necessary language skills and successfully entering society. We will prepare you ideally for the upcoming ÖSD exam. You can choose between preparation courses of 4 weeks, 8 weeks and 12 weeks in length.

Intensive course 4 weeks including ÖSD exam A1: 1,040 CHF
Intensive course 4 weeks including ÖSD exam A2: 1,040 CHF
Intensive course 4 weeks including ÖSD exam B1: 1,140 CHF
Intensive course 4 weeks including ÖSD exam B2: 1,140 CHF

We also offer you the opportunity to prepare for the exams in small groups or private lessons.

You can find the detailed examination schedule for the ÖSD examinations at levels A1 to C2 in the following documents.

Examination schedule ZA1 (PDF)
Examination schedule ZA2 (PDF)
Examination schedule ZB1 (PDF)
Examination schedule ZB2 (PDF)
Examination schedule ZC1 (PDF)
Examination schedule ZC2 (PDF)

The examination result will be announced within 5 weeks after the examination.

Express Review
In the case of an express assessment, the examination result will be announced within 2 weeks. You can request an express assessment up to 1 week before the exam date.

Express Assessment Costs
A1 and A2: 60 CHF
B1 and B2: 70 CHF
C1 and C2: 80 CHF

Location of the exams
Wehntalerstrasse 293
8046 Zurich

Registration and deregistration are possible up to 3 weeks before the exam.

General terms and conditions of business
You can find the most important regulations in our general terms and conditions.

Audit Fees

ZA1 Exam 250 CHF
ZA1 Written Exam 160 CHF
ZA1 Oral Exam 120 CHF
ZA2 Exam 250 CHF
ZA2 Written Exam 160 CHF
ZA2 Oral Exam 120 CHF
ZB1 Exam 350 CHF
ZB1 Written Exam 250 CHF
ZB1 Oral Exam 130 CHF
ZB1 Reading, Listening, Writing 95 CHF each
ZB2 Exam 350 CHF
ZB2 Written Exam 250 CHF
ZB2 Oral Exam 130 CHF
ZC1 Exam 450 CHF
ZC1 Written Exam 280 CHF
ZC1 Oral Exam 210 CHF
ZC2 Exam 450 CHF
ZC2 Written Exam 280 CHF
ZC2 Oral Exam 210 CHF
ZC2 Reading, Listening, Writing 105 CHF each
Application ÖSD Exams

A1 ÖSD Exam Dates

Exam Date Start Time Registration Deadline
25.04.2024 14:00 Uhr 04.04.2024
30.05.2024 14:00 Uhr 09.05.2024
27.06.2024 14:00 Uhr 06.06.2024
25.07.2024 14:00 Uhr 04.07.2024
29.08.2024 14:00 Uhr 08.08.2024
26.09.2024 14:00 Uhr 05.09.2024
24.10.2024 14:00 Uhr 03.10.2024
21.11.2024 14:00 Uhr 31.10.2024

Examination procedure A1 ÖSD

A1 written exam:

  • 25 minutes of reading
  • 10 minutes listening
  • 20 minutes of writing

A1 oral exam:

  • 10 minutes speaking
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A2 ÖSD Exam Dates

Exam Date Start Time Registration Deadline
26.04.2024 14:00 Uhr 05.04.2024
31.05.2024 14:00 Uhr 10.05.2024
28.06.2024 14:00 Uhr 07.06.2024
26.07.2024 14:00 Uhr 05.07.2024
30.08.2024 14:00 Uhr 09.08.2024
27.09.2024 14:00 Uhr 06.09.2024
25.10.2024 14:00 Uhr 04.10.2024
22.11.2024 14:00 Uhr 01.11.2024

Examination procedure A2 ÖSD

A2 written exam:

  • 30 minutes of reading
  • 15 minutes listening
  • 30 minutes of writing

A2 oral exam:

  • 10 minutes speaking
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B1 ÖSD Exam Dates

Exam Date Start Time Registration Deadline
29.04.2024 09:00 Uhr 08.04.2024
03.06.2024 09:00 Uhr 13.05.2024
01.07.2024 09:00 Uhr 10.06.2024
29.07.2025 09:00 Uhr 08.07.2024
02.09.2024 09:00 Uhr 12.08.2024
30.09.2024 09:00 Uhr 09.09.2024
28.10.2024 09:00 Uhr 07.10.2024
25.11.2024 09:00 Uhr 04.11.2024

Examination procedure B1 ÖSD

B1 written exam:

  • 65 minutes of reading
  • 40 minutes listening
  • 60 minutes of writing

B1 oral exam:

  • 15 minutes speaking
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B2 ÖSD Exam Dates

Exam Date Start Time Registration Deadline
30.04.2024 09:00 Uhr 09.04.2024
04.06.2024 09:00 Uhr 14.05.2024
02.07.2024 09:00 Uhr 11.06.2024
30.07.2024 09:00 Uhr 09.07.2024
03.09.2024 09:00 Uhr 13.08.2024
01.10.2024 09:00 Uhr 10.09.2024
29.10.2024 09:00 Uhr 08.10.2024
26.11.2024 09:00 Uhr 05.11.2024

Examination procedure B2 ÖSD

B2 written exam:

  • 90 minutes of reading
  • 30 minutes listening
  • 90 minutes of writing

B2 oral exam:

  • 20 minutes speaking
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