English private lessons in Zurich and Winterthur, Levels A1 to C2

At the Winterthur Sprachen Akademie, we also offer private English lessons. Our offer includes beginners as well as advanced level courses. Private lessons offer the advantage that you can organize the course times yourself and that the teacher can respond flexibly to your requests. This allows you to make rapid progress and soon have conversations, watch films or write letters in English. In addition, the more hours you book, the lower the price per hour. For example, if you book the course together with up to two friends, you divide the number of hours and the costs by three.

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English private lessons for all levels

The European Framework of Reference for Languages defines the levels A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2 (A = beginner level, C = good to the perfect command of the language). Regardless of your current level, we are sure to find the right teacher for you. We recommend that you take a free placement test, either on the Internet or at our language school in Winterthur. In this way, the teacher can exactly tie in with your abilities. If you need a course in Business English, we will also be happy to help you. At the end of the course, you will receive a certificate attesting your newly acquired knowledge. This will open many doors for you in the future.

Success thanks to motivated teachers

The teacher plays an important role in your learning success. That’s why we make our selection very carefully. Our teachers have pedagogical skills and most of them are academics and have already taught. They make the lessons lively and practical. Naturally, they are native speakers so that you learn the correct pronunciation from the very beginning. In addition, they are friendly and likable personalities who enjoy teaching.

Private English Courses – Flexible Time Management

Private lessons offer the great advantage that you can schedule your time freely. You can schedule the lessons yourself with the teacher even on weekends or in the evening. Simply inform us about your preferred lesson times and we will find a suitable teacher for you. If you wish, lessons can take place at your home. You can also determine the pace and the number of lessons yourself. If you want to make fast progress, book several hours per week and if you have less time, reduce the number of hours. In a private course, you also have more choice than in a group course. If you find a topic particularly interesting or important, tell the teacher. He will prepare the material especially for you and discuss it in depth with you.

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Prices for Private English Lessons (A1 to C2)

Our prices for private lessons are lower than you think. The price per hour is lower the more hours you book at once. If you book the course together with two friends, you can save money by simply dividing the cost into three parts.

Up to 19 Lessons

Fr.60per 45 minutes lesson

From 20 Lessons

Fr.58per 45 minutes lesson

From 30 Lessons

Fr.50per 45 minutes lesson

Special offer: If you book the course together with two friends, you can save money by simply dividing the cost into three.

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