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In today’s business world, language knowledge is an important success factor. As a result of globalization, the need to establish international business contacts is growing. Even if this has not yet been the case in your company, it may change at any time. This is where our in-company language courses come into play. At the Zurich Sprachen Akademie, we offer you various courses with qualified teachers and a well thought-out concept to train you and your employees in the desired language.

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In-company training in many languages

It is important to us that your workflow is disturbed as little as possible. For this reason, the courses take place directly at your company and are also tailored to your specific needs. If there are many foreign employees working in your company, we offer German courses specially tailored for them. Knowledge of English, one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, is also essential. Depending on the orientation of your company, knowledge of the other national languages French and Italian may also be an advantage. Would you like to send employees to China? With our Chinese courses, we will prepare you in the best possible way. Perhaps you are also looking for cooperation with South America, in this case, our Spanish and Portuguese courses are the right choices.

Placement test and trial lesson

In case you would like to check first whether our offer corresponds to your wishes, we offer you the possibility of a non-binding trial lesson. This will take place either at your premises or at the Zurich Sprachen Akademie. If you are not convinced after the lesson, do not take any risks.

Also, the placement in the correct language level is of crucial importance. In order to assign your staff to the right level, we first carry out a placement test. This allows us to build on any previous knowledge that may be available, ensure learning progress and achieve the desired level more quickly.

Courses according to your wishes

Our in-company courses are designed according to the wishes and needs of your company or your employees. You can choose between private lessons and group courses (4-9 participants), which take place either in the morning, at noon or in the evening. Intensive courses are also possible. Our competent experts at the Zurich Sprachen Akademie will be happy to advise you on the choice of the right course and develop an optimal course plan so that your staff can master the language quickly and efficiently.

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Prices for Company Courses (A1 to C2)

Basically, the more hours you book at once, the lower the price per hour.
Prices for private lessons or groups of up to 9 participants:

Up to 19 lessons of 45 min each:
Fr. 52.-
From 30 lessons of 45 min each:
Fr. 48.-

However, it is difficult to provide precise estimates of costs, as each of our company courses is specifically tailored to the needs of our clients. For a concrete offer, it is best to talk to our customer advisors. You can book our in-house training from one lesson onwards. If you book more lessons, you will benefit from our discounts: from 30 hours the price per lesson decreases.

Not only the course but also the teaching materials are tailored to your industry. Company courses are often about learning specific vocabulary in the target language. Therefore, the teaching materials used are adapted to these requirements. If you already have your own material, we will of course work with it.

For all company courses in Zurich, we do not charge any travel costs. If the course takes place outside of Zurich, only the travel costs for public transport will be charged.

deutsch intensivkurse winterthur

Professional and affordable language courses in Zurich and Winterthur

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