German private courses in Zurich and Winterthur

Do you want to learn German quickly and intensively? Then private courses are a good choice. The Sprachen Akademie has many good language teachers who will come and teach you at your home. Not only are you more relaxed, you can also concentrate fully on learning because you are not distracted by other students. So you and your language teacher can concentrate intensively on learning the German language.

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Qualified and friendly – this is how our German private teachers are

When you learn a new language, good teachers are very important. We make our choices carefully and pay attention to good pedagogical skills.  Of course, you will only be taught by native speakers so that you learn German pronunciation optimally. In addition, the teacher should be sympathetic to you. This is almost always the right way.

Individual German lessons for beginners or advanced learners

There are many reasons for learning languages. Would you like to give your career a boost or are you planning a longer holiday in German-speaking Switzerland? We at the Sprachen Akademie offer you private courses in German at all levels. As a beginner, you will first learn the basics of the German language. After just a few hours you will be able to communicate in your new language. If you already have some basic knowledge, the teacher will follow on exactly from your previous knowledge. You can take a free placement test on our homepage. This test is highly recommended as the teacher can use it as a guide. This will save you time and money.

German private course – free time management

Private courses offer the great advantage that you can manage your time freely. You can schedule the lessons yourself with the teacher, even on weekends or in the evening. You can also determine the number of hours yourself. In a private course, you also have more choice in the way the lessons are structured than in a group course. If you find a topic particularly interesting or important, tell the teacher. He will prepare the material especially for you and discuss it in depth with you.

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Private lessons at your home and without risk

If you wish, lessons can take place at your home – of course without any additional costs! Our courses do not entail any risk for you. You can decide for yourself how many hours you would like to book. If you are still unsure whether private courses are the right thing for you, then register for a trial lesson. You can then simply let us know if this course is not ideal for you. You also have a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied after the trial lesson and do not wish to attend the course.

Our prices for private German lessons

The price per hour depends on the number of hours you book. If you are still unsure how many hours you need, pay a little more.
This is our pricing model:

up to 19 lessons

Fr.60per lesson of 45 minutes each

from 20 lessons

Fr.58per lesson of 45 minutes each

from 30 lessons

Fr.50per lesson of 45 minutes each

Special offer: Book a higher number of lessons together with two friends and divide the lessons as well as the costs by three. This will save you a lot of money as you will benefit from a lower price per lesson.

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