German Evening Courses in Zurich and Winterthur – German as a Foreign Language

You want to learn German and have no time pressure? In this case our evening courses are the right thing for you. The course takes place once a week in small groups. Our friendly teachers will support you and the learning atmosphere is pleasant. So you will soon have a sense of achievement.

Our evening courses are suitable for all levels

Regardless of your current level, we offer courses for all levels. As a beginner you will first learn the basics of the German language. It is particularly important that you learn to communicate in the language. If you already have some previous knowledge, you can choose between a large numbers of courses.

The level starts at the elementary level (A1 and A2), followed by the intermediate level (B1, B2) up to the advanced level (C1, C2). As a beginner you start with a course at the basic level. If you already have some previous knowledge, we recommend that you take a free placement test, either on the Internet or at our language school in Zurich and Winterthur. Based on your results, you will receive advice from our experts on the right course for you. In this way you not only make rapid progress, but also save time and money.

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Our language teachers are carefully selected

All our language teachers are native speakers so that you learn the correct pronunciation from the very beginning. They also have pedagogical skills, because teachers must not only master the language, but also be able to pass it on to learners. A third important factor is sympathy, because a friendly teacher plays a decisive role in your success.

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Group size influences success

As the learning success is higher in smaller groups, the groups consist of a maximum of ten participants. This gives you more opportunity to practice the language actively. This is very important for learning success. Another nice side effect is that friendships often develop between the participants, even beyond the course.

When you learn German at the Sprachen Akademie, lessons do not only take place in the classroom. In addition to words and grammar, you should also get to know the German culture and way of life. Our teachers therefore organize regulars’ conferences and excursions to Zurich and the surrounding area.

Costs for Evening Courses

Duration: 12 weeks, one double lesson of 90 minutes per week
Start: all levels (A1 to C2) start every first Wednesday of the month.
Lesson times: Wednesday from 07:00 pm to 08:30 pm

Fr. 350.-

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