TestDaF Exam Preparation in Zurich and Winterthur

If you would like to study at the University of Zurich or at another university, you usually need to have a sound knowledge of German. To do this, you need to take the TestDaF (Test für Deutsch als Fremdsprache). The European Framework of Reference for Languages defines six language levels (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2). For the TestDaF, your language skills must range between levels B1 and C1. Even if you have good language skills, the test is quite challenging and therefore it is best to attend a preparation course like the one given at the Sprachen Akademie.

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Our Procedure – General Information about TestDaF

In order for you to pass the TestDaF successfully, it is very important to play through the examination situation as often as possible. This is why exam preparation is largely about solving trial exams. You will also of course have the opportunity to practice the areas covered by the test (listening, reading, speaking and writing). This way, you know exactly what to expect before the exam and are perfectly prepared.

Requirements for the TestDaF

You need extensive language knowledge at least at B2 level. Knowledge at an intermediate level (B1, B2) is just sufficient to be able to follow a lecture, while knowledge at an advanced level (C1, C2) is better. If you are unsure whether your level meets the requirements, you can take a free placement test either on our website or at our language school in Zurich and Winterthur.

TestDaF procedure

The TestDaF is a standardised examination. It consists of four parts with different lengths:

  • Reading: 60 minutes
  • Listening: 40 minutes
  • Writing: 60 minutes
  • Speaking: 35 minutes individual examination on the computer
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First and foremost, the test checks whether you have mastered the language requirements at a German-speaking university. You must be able to read scientific texts and understand the lectures. Reading and listening comprehension is essential.  You must also be able to take part in scientific discussions and write seminar papers. You will also practice oral and written expression in the course. Grammar learning alone does not bring you to your goal – communication skills are also very important. If you know exactly how the test works, you have a good chance of passing it.

More detailed course information

The course in Zurich or Winterthur lasts four weeks. An important factor is the size of the group (maximum of nine participants). Each week you will attend 20 lessons of 45 minutes each. Classes take place from Monday to Friday between 9:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. The course costs Fr. 488.- and starts every first Monday of the month. If this falls on a public holiday, the course starts on the following Tuesday.

We require a good command of the language (level B2). It is best to take a placement test beforehand.

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