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Reasons to Learn a Foreign Language (Part 3)


Are you thinking about starting to learn a foreign language? Or do you need some motivation to brush up on your language skills? In either case, this blog series is for you. In the first part we looked at travel-related reasons, while in the second part we focused on the advantages of language skills in the labour market. In this third part, we focus on a skill that is increasingly in demand in our globalised world: intercultural competence. What exactly intercultural competence is and why you can acquire it through language learning, you can find out here. What is intercultural [...]

Reasons to Learn a Foreign Language (Part 3)2023-06-18T09:05:51+02:00

Reasons to Learn a Foreign Language (Part 2)


Labor Market The first part of this blog series was about how language skills not only make travelling easier, but also more interesting and enriching. This statement was also supported by the experience report Volunteering in Chile. Now, in this blog post we will give you another reason why you should learn a foreign language: Multilingualism increases job opportunities. Switzerland is a multilingual country Switzerland has four national languages: German, French, Italian and Romansh, and is, therefore, a multilingual country. Thus, it is not surprising that a lot of jobs require a good knowledge of at least two national languages. [...]

Reasons to Learn a Foreign Language (Part 2)2023-06-18T08:51:19+02:00

Reasons to Learn a Foreign Language (Part 1)


We are constantly and everywhere called upon to learn a new language – just think of public transport advertising, YouTube Ads, or advertisement in newspapers. Regarding the target language, everything is possible, from English as a lingua franca to our official languages German, French or Italian. You even have the choice to learn a language with a different alphabet such as Chinese or Arabic. Being able to speak a foreign language opens new doors and has many advantages for your professional and personal life. In the blog series Reasons Why You Should Learn a Foreign Language, we explore one reason [...]

Reasons to Learn a Foreign Language (Part 1)2023-06-18T09:06:34+02:00

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