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Experience report: Tandem Language Learning


In the blog post Tandem Language Learning, a language-learning tandem partnership was described as a learning method that can complement language courses. More specifically, the following questions were answered: What exactly is a language-learning tandem partnership? How do I find a language-learning tandem partner? How do I meet my language-learning tandem partner? How would a meeting with my language-learning tandem partner look like? In this blog post, I will share my personal experiences with tandem language learning. I hope you enjoy reading it! Arabic on Tuesdays, Spanish on Wednesdays, French on Thursdays... Whenever I tell my family and friends that [...]

Experience report: Tandem Language Learning2022-10-09T21:10:13+02:00

Experience report: Volunteering in Chile (Nelly Müller)


In the blog series Reasons Why You Should Learn a Foreign Language we explained that knowing a foreign language does not only make travelling easier, but also more enriching. As an example, we mentioned volunteer travel, which allows us to get in touch with locals, dive into their culture and learn how other people live. In order that you can get an idea of how exactly volunteering abroad looks like I will now share my personal experience with you. I hope you enjoy reading it! Planning my trip and looking forward to it It was cold and wet and winter, [...]

Experience report: Volunteering in Chile (Nelly Müller)2022-10-09T21:02:08+02:00

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