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Common Challenges for German Learners (Part 3) – Upper and Lower Case


The importance of capital letters in German The German language is almost the only language in which nouns, names and nominalisations are capitalised. This is why capitalisation is a challenge for most German learners, and even native speakers are sometimes unsure whether a word is written in upper or lower case. What is more, did you know that there are certain words that can be written both upper and lower case, but that the meaning of the sentence changes accordingly? This is exactly what this blog post is about. At the same time, this blog post will give you an [...]

Common Challenges for German Learners (Part 3) – Upper and Lower Case2023-01-15T14:05:27+01:00

Common Challenges for German Learners (Part 2) – Compound Words


Rindfleischetikettierungsüberwachungsaufgabenübertragungsgesetz. This was officially the longest German word. The English translation is: Cattle marking and beef labelling supervision duties delegation law. It was part of a legal text, but since the law was repealed in 2013, it disappeared from the dictionaries. Nevertheless, the German language is known for its long words, also known as compound words. And this is also one of the (many) reasons why German is not an easy language to learn. In this blog series, I want to explain some common challenges for German Learners in more detail. And in this blog post, I will focus on [...]

Common Challenges for German Learners (Part 2) – Compound Words2023-01-15T14:04:17+01:00

Common Challenges for German Learners (Part 1)


German orthography: “Widder”, “wieder” or “wider”? Imagine reading a German book or article, and all of the sudden you notice a word that occurs again and again, but each time with a slightly different spelling – as it is the case in the following passage: Schon wieder Weihnachtszeit! Annika widerstrebt das ganze Theater rund um Weihnachten und den damit einhergehenden Einkaufsrausch. Schlecht gelaunt fährt sie im Tram durch die überbeleuchtete Altstadt und blättert in einer Gratiszeitung, in der sich ebenfalls alles um Weihnachten dreht. Letztlich bleibt ihr nichts anderes übrig, als ihr Tageshoroskop zu lesen und zu erfahren, was sie [...]

Common Challenges for German Learners (Part 1)2023-01-15T13:54:13+01:00

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